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The Musicians Assistant was created with the mission to provide musicians with the most up to date information and reviews about musical instruments and music gear. Whether you are a beginner or a professional musician, this site can help you learn about all types of instruments such as but not limited to guitars, keyboards, drums, or those needed to play in a band or an orchestra. In addition, we feature reviews on amplifiers, recording equipment, and other items that you may need to help you get the best out of your musical investment.

Our goal is to share the most sought after instruments on the market today and help you decide what is best for your current and future needs. We share a wide variety of information from the most popular instruments needed when playing in a garage band to the best instruments to use in an orchestra setting. If you are searching for information on a rare instrument such as a banjo or mandolin, it is likely that you will find it on our site.

We provide a one stop shop atmosphere for instruments of all varieties on the web. Our carefully curated collections of instruments have been put together by our team of experts to help you learn about new features as well as speed up the purchasing process. You will find information about instrument type and who should use it, as well as thoughts on the best amplifiers and other equipment to help you perform at your best.